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Koharu Mitsurugi (御劔 虎春 Mitsurugi Koharu), also known by his stage name "HARU", is the bassist of Fantôme Iris.


While looking as cute as a girl, what lies beneath is the strongest delinquent who used to be feared by the name of "The Tiger of Mikawa". However, he had a change of heart and is now working as a nursery school teacher. Extremely strong and manly, but a very caring person inside. Daimon Kusunoki has been his childhood friend since elementary school. He's very happy to dress and look like this for Fantôme Iris.

His HARU persona is a vampire from a differing faction. However, he has come to understand the ideals of FELIX and now works together with him.


  • The name Koharu means "tiger" (虎) (ko) and "spring" (春) (haru).
  • Koharu's surname Mitsurugi means "sword" (御劔).


  • The name of the school that Koharu is teaching at is Chorus Nursery.
  • Koharu likes Shiruko sandwich because it is the snack Daimon's grandfather would give to him without fail.
  • Koharu, along with Daimon, are the oldest characters in the entire BanG Dream! franchise.